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Everything about web hosting service reviews

web hosting service reviews and More

Changing your domain’s name servers (DNS)

Sun, 24 Jun 2007 19:08:47 +0000
It’s one of the easiest things related to web hosting, changing DNS. There are two ways to change DNS on domain names.
 1. When you purchased your domain name, some registrar’s will provide you with a domain username/password to manage your domain name. Simply log into the domain management area. Usually the name server settings will be ...]

Struts Hibernate Integration

Sun, 20 May 2007 12:10:17 -0400
This article is a tutorial on how to integrate the Struts framework and Hibernate OR mapper in a Java web based application. These days, struts and hibernate are used commonly in the web based applications to enhance
performance. This tutorial recommends basic knowledge in struts and hibernate , even though its a lucid guide for the beginners.

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For more information about MetaCarta, Inc., please visit:

AppsBuilder — the complete solution that lets you design, build and deploy Ajax applications through a single, ultra-modern, visual environment. Taking a web project from conception to production has never been easier. Morfik is there to help you, every step of the way. Booth #428

RvSkin 7.12 security update released

Fri, 19 Jan 2007 01:58:23 +0000
If anyone is running cPanel with RVSkin, there is a new update that RVSkin released today to 7.12. The release fixes an important security issue in their software which I discovered and they patched after working with them.
 Everyone should updated ASAP. To my knowledge the hole isn’t known to the public and I hope it ...]

One-on-one with Niko Nelissen, Q-layer

Wed, 07 May 2008 17:33:00 -0500

Virtual private data centers, or VPDCs, are a new paradigm for data centers that we've been hearing quite a bit about in North America through companies like Layered Technologies and 3Tera.

In Europe, Q-layer has been offering a fully virtual private data center since 2005, enabling service providers to compete with next generation hosting offerings such as Amazon S3 and EC2, using the private virtual datacenter concept: utility-based provisioning and billing based on actual usage.

WHIRtv recently spoke to Niko Nelissen, VP of business development and co-founder of Q-layer, and gained some insight into his company's vision with VPDCs.

Today`s suggestion:

For almost all new website owners, finding the perfect host is a time consuming
and stressful process. works hard to simplify the process, and
makes choosing the perfect hosting package as easy as possible. They feature
packages that will suit websites of almost all types, no matter what the
bandwidth requirements, storage needs, or language support.

When you visit the hostgator website, you will first find several aspects of the
site itself that make moving forward intuitive. Their phone numbers are
immediately available should you have any questions, and several different
packages are only a click or two away. From their $4.95 per month shared hosting
package, to their dedicated server offerings starting from $174 per month, there
is a solution for all different budgets, levels of experience, and feature

For the experienced domain and hosting guru, website domain name
hosting offers free domain transfer, free file transfers, free database
transfers, and free script transfers, among other things. These services make
moving your existing websites to hostgator a breeze, allowing you to focus on
the more important aspects of website ownership, such as content creation and
customer service.

Speaking of customer support, hostgator offers amazing support to all customers,
no matter which hosting package they may subscribe to. From 24 hour telephone
support, to flash tutorials, to an extremely comprehensive knowledge base, makes getting your questions answered an exceedingly efficient and
rewarding process. No longer will you have to wait days to receive an e-mail
response from your current host. Answers to basic, account related questions, as
well as the most advanced technical questions, are just a phone call away at all
times. The phone support staff has proven to be quite helpful, and wait times
while seeking technical support of any kind is generally minimal.

Regarding their hosting packages, one of the more interesting and cost effective
packages seems to be the most popular option available on hostgator.Com. For
$7.95 per month, website owners can enjoy hosting unlimited websites, free
set-up, 600 gigabytes of storage, and 6,000 gigabytes of bandwidth. Given the
rates of other hosting providers for similar services, it is very easy to see
how inexpensive hostgator actually is.

Hosting your website doesn�t have to be a nightmare. By finding a quality host
that will assist you in the process of getting set up, such as,
you will be able to focus on promotional efforts, as opposed to constant
technical issues with your website itself.

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We had started out on this mission of information on web hosting service reviews with lots of optimism. And we have also ended it in the same manner.

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